affiliate buddies Dashboard

Affiliate Program Dashboard

The dashboard is your central command, and it is from here that you will captain your affiliate program. That is why we have made it so easy to navigate to all the other features that make Affiliate Buddies special. The dashboard is where you can survey your entire program and from here that you will navigate to the many features at your fingertips.

Tracking Affiliates From Your Dashboard

Uploading Creative Materials, generating filtered performance Reports, creating precision Tracking links, and even managing super affiliates and account managers is always just a few clicks away.

Affiliate Buddies reports

Dedicated Affiliate Reports

Success is measurable and with Affiliate Buddies tracking and analyzing every aspect of your affiliate e-Commerce in real time you can be certain of the strength of your affiliate program.

Real Time Reports Unique to Your Traffic

Our real-time reports are unique in the scope of detail that they provide and allow you to see how well your affiliates are performing daily, weekly, monthly, annually or any length of time you wish to view. Traffic, Banner, Group, and Affiliate Reports and more provide every measurable statistic in real-time. Information for each report is fully customizable and you have complete control to filter your data.

Each individual report let you delve deeper into your affiliate program than ever before so you can see exactly how your program is performing at every moment from every angle.

Affiliate Buddies Marketing tools

Affiliate Program Creative Tools

Your affiliates rely on you to provide quality creative assets to boost their success and bring you more revenue. With Affiliate Buddies you can mass upload static banners, flash banners, customized emails, links, and special creative content for an unlimited number of offers.

Affiliate Program Software to Creatively Grow Your Affiliate Program

Make content available to all, some, or one of your affiliates and manage every campaign with special profiles and dynamic parameters to ensure that you always know exactly where traffic is coming from and which campaigns and promotions are most effective

Affiliate Buddies billing

Affiliate Program Billing

AffiliateBuddies automatically computes commissions earned and calculates the balance for each affiliate. We offer the broadest selection of payment methods and our system stores a full history of payment information about each affiliate for your review.

Affiliate Program Software makes billing your Affiliate Tracking Program Easy

Our automated billing software lets you search and generate payments, create invoices, provide line-itemized billing reports, and tracks total payouts from your merchants.

Secure Management

Whether you want to grant access to your accountant or your creative director or want to hire individual affiliate managers to help your business, our complete user management system gives you the ability to grant as much or as little access to any user.

Your Affiliate Program Tracking Software is Safe & Secure

Customize manager and administrator roles. Set up a commission based system for affiliate managers to credit them for the affiliates they bring in and the accounts they are assigned to. Secure, safe, and accurate management tools is the hallmark of our product.

Affiliate In Your Language

Your affiliates likely come from all over the world and as such generate traffic and revenue from all parts of the globe. With AffiliateBuddies software you can upload and manage creative materials and promotional campaigns in any language, all of which are filtered and organized in your Marketing Tools.

Connect to your Affiliate Program with Multi-Lingual Tracking Software

Our multilingual customer support team is available to you in a number of languages as we believe that ecommerce on the world wide web is truly a global concept.

Affiliate buddies Sub Affiliation program

Affiliate buddies enables the most flexible set up of commissions. You can control the commission settings, including the type and amount for each affiliate. Determine the level of CPA, revenue share and other commission structures given to your affiliates and reward your top earners.

Commission Groups to Reward Top Affiliates in your Affiliate Program

Use the Commission Groups feature to reward your top affiliates with higher commissions. You can create many different groups of affiliates, each with different commission settings for the same product(s).

2-Tier Sub Affiliation Program

The 2-Tier Program feature allows your affiliates to profit from their own community of sub-affiliates, which in turn creates additional levels of revenue for you.