Affiliate buddies advantages

What is Affiliate Buddies?

AffiliateBuddies runs your entire affiliate program from top to bottom, managing all aspects of your online business. Our software was born out of an idea to make affiliate marketing simpler and more effective. We are the product of decades of combined experience in affiliate marketing across the financial, casino, and gaming industries. We knew we could create a better way to manage an affiliate program and we were right!

Why is AffiliateBuddies so awesome?

Easy to use, simple to customize
User-friendly and easy to navigate. Real-time tracking is fast and accurate while data metrics can be viewed and filtered in any number of ways

Powerful affiliate marketing features

Advanced affiliate billing tools and in-depth reports enable you to effectively manage all aspects of your online business.

Targeted optimization and unlimited scalability

Targeted optimization allows you to customize the system to your specifications with the flexibility to grow your business to new heights!


Affiliate Program Tracking

Connect directly to the software provider with API instead of simple pixel tracking. Direct API connection gives you access to enhanced data on a more secure connection as well as the flexibility to receive more information.

Track All the Data you need to Optimize your Affiliate Program

Gain the freedom to seamlessly integrate directly to the software provider with the flexibility to track and manage more data than ever before. Direct connection also provides the most secure connection available to pass large amounts of detailed data seamlessly and easily, putting you in full control of all aspects of your affiliate tracking. just a few clicks away. ness to new heights!

Engage with your affiliate

Affiliate Program Communicate with your Affiliates

Stay in constant contact with your affiliates and allow them to communicate with you. Our Messaging system allows mass message news, alerts and updates to your entire affiliate list which are conveniently displayed on their homepage dashboard.

Keep in Contact with your Affiliate Program

Tickets are an efficient and convenient way for your affiliates to reach you and allows for a back and forth exchange between you and your affiliates.

Affiliate Program Software Keeps you Close to your Affiliates

Send emails to individual affiliates or a group. With more ways to get in contact with each other you can be certain that the lines of communication between yourself, your team and your affiliates are always open.

Ask us about our API Chat feature.

Affiliate Program Management

Manage your Buddies Affiliate Program Management

Easily add affiliates to your program via sign up forms or a mini sign up site with information about your program. Getting them set up and ready to earn is fast, safe and accurate. They will love how easy it is to use and navigate the affiliate-side dashboard and control panel where they can get promotional tools, creative materials and view their statistics.

Affiliate Management Software On Your Terms

On the merchant-side control panel, AffiliateBuddies lets you easily review and approve or deny affiliates to your program, give them unique or tiered payouts, make certain campaigns and offers only available to only some, add Sub Affiliates and so much more. Fraud detection keeps your program safe from potentially fraudulent affiliates and makes sure that the business generated by your affiliates is from safe and reliable sources.